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Challenge MOTOBIKE Korea 2004 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 21:13

a race between a buggy rollin piloted by jean yves blondeau (who choosed the course) and a profeesionnal 600cc motobike racer.tv show from korea

Golden suit returns PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 December 2011 14:57

Just finished the last video for Christmas. There is no santa, no carol, but GOLDEN SUIT !
It is also a test ride on a new road near the korean familly house. The road is six month old. 

Graveyard call Afterlast video PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 April 2011 12:07

Graveyard call 2010, was IGSA race. Here is the new video. specially for the one who says "WHY WHEELS ON THE BACK ?"
hope you will like it ! Music from Samavayo / Ugoda and  jhon barry/mission imposssssssible

In this video you will see the visual sensation of rollin on the back with a buggy rollin wheel suit.

Beton on Fire New video PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 February 2011 12:36


Beton on Fire is the race in Altemberg bob track. Organised by philipp auerswald, it is fast, violent, G forced, and beautifull too.
In this video, i, aka Rollerman, flyes the track in 2009 and 2010. i started to train there in 2004 with Danny Strasser and Philipp Auerswald, and never stopped since.
I dedicaded this video to Manuel Ruiz, who took part of 2010 race, who was a luge track lover too (with wheels). With friends he created the URAR, a french rider association, to take care of the Villars de Lans 1968 Olympic luge track which was a ruin. Togeter, they ungraved it, rebuilded it, and organized skate and street luge event in it.

Manu Interview here http://vimeo.com/19244886

Manu had a nice heart, maybe too much, that's why he is gone. The URAR still exists and keep making wonderfull event, and Beton on fire is coming back in JULY 2011.


Video with copyright ® jean yves blondeau/BUGGY ROLLIN

A version of this video with no music exists, for whom want to have the video for reediting, or to create a soundtrack, for musician and music producers.
A big thanks to DAFTTRAX Paris who where always nice to me, so with this video i hope to be a great fan-friend.
The Inline Downhill Extremer, is the Greatest South Korean club for Downhill riders. By asking internationnal downhill skaters -VIP's- to support the krean extremer club, in korean language, i want to help the koreans to have international existence. Rise up the downhill scene in korea which has so much mountains and athletes.
I also support the WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 2018. i lived in the 3 city, Annecy (familly home), Munich (event home), and now Pyong Chang (wife home). i believe that The event will be more profitable for pyong Chang than the other candidates. Pyong chang has the korean power of getting all together for the same aim. it has a true dynamic. And the area need such a big opportunity to kick the infrastrucures forward.

ONLY HERE PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 March 2010 07:26

only HERE

the black spot on my back is the camera you will see danny say hello but it is VERY fast...

Hereunder, i preview of the next video of konig see bob track run.
being in this track is a real event because the last time that it was possible, it was in 1998 and this year
i could not achieve to reach the mountains because some stupid kids of the lyon surburb stole my car.
so this year i could be there. and one more time it was a meting with destiny.... you will see in the long versin of the movie.

thanks one more time to BertycoX for the music !

ALTENBERG old times PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 November 2009 20:18

Reedition of "ALTENBERG" extract of "TUNNEL BLICK®" from Danny Strasser.

This video will be played only on buggy-rollin.com. last year in the summer we had a nice event in this bobtrack.
Later we wil show you the new pictures.




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