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N magazin PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 December 2011 13:27

Jean yves have been invited to meet the last Nissan GTR at the top of swiss pass fo rthe magazin N of NISSAN.
the palce have been choosed for its icredible beauty. The snow was comming at the ens of the day. So we had only this day of free window before the window come. NISSAN choose his best fastest model to be compared to a buggy rollin suit. We tryed to race. But the car is a real monster ! and Buggy Rollin uses only gravity.
The photographer was jean Yves's friend Thilo Brunner hos is specialised in action sport reports. Even with an enjury he could do a great job! The cameraman was the famous Danny Strasser who as usual took is time untill the very last moment in order to find the best motion picture. Here are the pictures.

Preserial Book PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 March 2011 13:23

Time of presial suits. Each time BUGGY ROLLIN Takes part to an event, he draw the attention of public and journalists. Even For world championships there is no picture of the winner but picture of the buggy rollin. So the organiser of the most important roller event understood it and invited Jean yves blondeau, the rollerman, as official show partner. It works !

Buggy Rollin have been Offical Partner in downhill world cup since 2000 in Lausanne that's a long time !

BUGGY ROLLIN official at world championship of Belluno 2002 in italia! First time 100km/h ! The picture was fron Rankweil world championship 2001 in austria !


BUGGY ROLLIN official partner of World championship 2003 in Germany

Small show with full heart for school. Later in korea Buggy Rollin made a lot of animation for kids in school.

BUGGY ROLLIN on event for the good friends of TNS frankfurt (Tuesday Night Skating Frankfurt).

cooperation with TNS Frankfurt for making show on party !

New shooting with christophe Lebedinsky in Lyon in 2000, BUGGY ROLLIN goes on USA Papers.

BUGGY ROLLIN on ISPO in collaboration with Bolle.

Buggy Rollin on the biggest sport fair in Europe: ISPO. BUGGY ROLLIN is always media magnet.

Even the journalist says that Jean yves and Buggy Rollin has all the journalists on his feet ...

The TIMES is not so serious, there is mistake in Jean yves's Blondeau familly name and Nationality...Coquin

Same here, who is checking the information?

Freinds in the news, here, Xavier Chantepy in 2000 first Buggy Rollin championship.

Buggy Rollin at world championship under the rain.

Swiss (Lausanne) is just the best place of the world  for Buggy Rollin downhill.

Buggy rollin in Korea Interviewed by a geant journalist on the stadium which belongs to Korean parlament with 'Metal' suit.

Four generation of picture of Buggy Rollin photographyed by Christophe Lebedinsky summed up in one parution of the biggest Austrian sport magazin: Sport Check. Already speaking of the HISTORY of BUGGY ROLLIN.

BUGGY ROLLIN is also becoming a creative reference. he was shown is several ingenior's magazine. Here in russia.

old black pressbook

The birth of carbon suit took one year. But it was very good. Of course had to be modifyed to become really trusty. and the press kept on interest.

Berliner zeitung by Maya at summer ISPO. Each venue at ispo made a lot of press. We were already there to find partner!

Christophe lebedinsky's best seller. It was a cold nice hinter day, and one more very creative cooperation. Second day was with the beautifull Virgine, for VSD and Stern

This picture was made at studio Blondeau, by Michel one of the brother of jean yves. the same day was soohitng with Lina.

For OWL in Canadia

And germany again a picture took in the french alps at 'Tignes ride line" .

Text is sometimes missing respect...

Friend ! for first time ! Sebastien Bertholet who is going to be buggy rollin instructor in Lausanne

the Rollerman on the YOU MESSE. YOU messe was in germany the most successfull fair for music fashion and sport marketing.
It was very dynamic with 100 of thousand of visitors. Jean Yves had to ride all the day non stop. So even during the brake he wore arns and legs to play around. Even only like this he got journalists interest.

old pink pressbook E-mail

Here is a small sample of early press. It shows that buggy rollin have been famous very early. 

in malaysia

in holland

Roller saga magazin. shooting 5 min under the rain in Paris. it made a surprising good looking picture

Lausanne friday night crasy fire downhill parade

In Swiss for lausanne internationnal roller contest. the first downhill race of the world was  BIG eventWhich generate a lot of cool press for BUGGY ROLLIN

it Belgium it brang funny tv show coop margriet

Some press agency sold photo many time in several magazines around the planet.

Germany had also big press

The very big BILD

UK By my favorite photographer "Christophe lebedinsky" since this work we never stop being friend and work together

VSD with lebedinsky. We were running trow the HEAAAAvy traffic around arc de triomphe, champ elysee, in paris

new look is a magazin for adult. The journalist was a witty naughty cute woman. But the shooting under the summer sun was killing

This stairs were very sharp!

one of the very famous shoot with Rossy for gamma at the traffic light of champ elysee

local news, designers magazin because buggy rollin won a designer prize.

press for children and teenagers.
That was the golden age 1997-8. We can call it the pink period. Nice busy time. Had to be very creative. The suit had to be repaired very often at the beggining. It was HELL HOT. it made the knees and elbow bloody each time. Then came the carbon suit.

newspaper in australia PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 December 2010 15:57

BUGGY ROLLIN and ROLLERMAN had a huge media cover in australia  
Thanks to olivia a PR agent from autralia we ha a lot of meeting and press presentation.



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