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shells finished PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 April 2014 08:49

The shells of new suits are almost finished.
there is some sewing to be done from now
must calculate the prices and then a few suits will be ready for sell.

these suits are the one orded to take part to SOCHI Olympic openning ceremony.
the suits are black with one color for each ring color of the olympic flag.
Black + green , Black + Black, Black +blue, Black + yellow, Black + red, bonus Black + orange (orangatang Mr president)
and one special silver.

we will open the orders soon.

april do what you feel PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 09:53


almost finished to prepare some back to be ready to sell a few suits.
after the backs soe protections need to be assembled and then we are ready to start.

 wheels ready for the backs

BUGGY SKI super ride

Buggy SKI the ultimate way of enjoying snow is creating the greatest pannel of sensation ever.
Thanks to paradiski La Plagne Montalbert director Remy Counil,it is possible to train buggy ski.
It have been snowed a lot the last days so we wait for sun to go enjoy the super ride !

trainning for buggy ski at la plagne montalbert next friday

NISSAN THE QUEST on SKYTV italia is available to be seen on line

maybe the best tv show of 2013 aired in 2014
the show is in italian, it includes a lot video produced by Jean yves blondeau
best team
best pictures
best location


the hollywood stunt directory I STUNT is a toll to find every kind of stunt specialist, stunt director, stunt choreographer.
Jean yves blondeau aka ROLLERMAN has his own page thanks his work withJackie Chan and Jim Carrey and many commerial films.
This will help to be featured in new movies and make more promotion for buggy rollin sport.

Strategie-Developpement PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 10:27

Nous sommes en train de développer une armure BUGGY ROLLIN qui bénéficie de 13 années de recherche et développement. Basée sur une nouvelle tradition de la roule cette armure ouvre aussi des perspectives inédites. En entrant sur le marché des sports et loisirs nous allons créer de nouvelles tendances. Nous redéfinissons le sens du mot "cool" avec un produit qui procure nous seulement un panel fourni et varié de véritables nouvelles sensations, mais aussi une nouvelle identité, et une nouvelle culture, une nouvelle façon d'appréhender le monde.

Nous transformons déjà l'homo sapiens en homo buggyrollinus.

Mais nous allons encore plus loin : nous allons vous faire rêver, et vous donner la chance d'expérimenter l'imaginaire du futur dès maintenant.

lumières en mouvement



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